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A Frame to experience NFTs to the fullest

Going from web2 to web3 - Your take rate is my opportunity.

by Chris Dixon, co-founder of a16z
Web3 is changing the world. As its market explodes, minds and capitals cascade into the universe. Viide is one of them and trying to dial deeper into the paradigm shift from web2 to web3.
We decide to build a bridge and the best way to bridge web3 and people is actually seeing it.
We see it as the revolutions happening now. The revolution of the attention economy is the revolution that could profoundly affect people's lives.
We used to live in a transaction economy where we spend money in exchange for goods or services. The attention economy back then was in the form of newspapers, radio and television. But none has been as consequential as the Internet. The attention economy rapidly became dominant as we moved into the Internet Era. Google has your search attention. Amazon has your shopping attention. Facebook has your social attention. These entrenched incumbents captured public attention, shaped culture, unified values and narratives at scale.
People can earn back money in a transaction economy. While in the attention economy, lost attention is lost, uncompensated. You can't go back in time and pay your attention.
It matters. Gravely. And Viide has the potential to change the status quo. To help individuals fully take back their attention and receive value from it.
Viide envisions a world where people can use a decentralized window to really see Web3 and benefit from it.
Viide represents both tech and life. It helps us see web3 by bridging Web3 and us. It’s an integration of the NFT frame and social value systems based on a decentralized identity, designed to incentivize users to contribute attention by giving them tokenized rewards.
Viide displays NFT on a decentralized screen and helps owners discover more interesting and valuable digital assets through an evolving algorithm.
Viide reintroduces the NFT world to people with a social touch as it should be, and leverages the social value of NFTs by connecting us with an interactive frame.
Viide ecosystem, born from an “attention-based economy”, aims to expedite data-ownership awareness and balance value distribution for web3 natives and newcomers.