Viide NFT Display FAQ

Can I use any digital frame to display my NFTs?

If you do not want to integrate with your wallet, you can use any digital frame. But then, why buy NFTs in the first place?

Viide is designed specifically for NFTs, whether they be layered, 3D motion, generative, augmented reality, or music. Another major benefit is being able to directly cast your art in your wallet.

How can I buy a Viide Frame?

Visit to order a Viide right now.

We are preparing for our pre-sale! Follow us on Twitter to stay tuned!

What sizes are going to be available?

The following sizes will be available to order in the pre-sale:

  • 10.1 inch (Touch screen)

  • 22-inch square

  • 33-inch square

The following sizes will be available in future sales:

  • 32-inch rectangle

  • 43-inch rectangle

  • 55-inch rectangle

Which colors do the frames come in?
  • Black

  • White

  • Wood Finish

Limited color choices will be realeased for special events and during holiday sales.

Which wallet does Viide integrate with?

Currently, you are able to connect Metamask and Tokenpocket. Viide supports all ETH-based NFTs. Polygon, Sonala, Tezos, Flow and many more will be added in the future.

Do I have to connect the frame to the internet?

Yes, you will be able to connect Viide frame to your local WiFi or you can use our iOS/Android app.

Does Viide frame have a touch screen?

Yes. The 10-inch Viide supports multi-touch. However, the wall-mount Viide only support remote control via app.

Does the frame come with a mount?

Yes, you will receive a wall mount with 22-inch and 33-inch Viide. The 10-inch Viide comes with a tabletop stand.

Are my NFTs safe when they are displayed on the frame?

Your NFTs are completely safe. They will always stay in your personal wallet! Viide doesn’t have access to your NFTs, so sleep worry-free.

Can I view all my NFTs?

Yes, Viide can display all the media formats currently used in NFTs (picture, gif, video, audio). You can select to only display one or multiple NFTs and let Viide shuffle through them.

Can I only view one wallet at a time?

Yes, at the moment you are able to connect to one wallet at a time. Connecting to a new wallet or switching between wallets is super easy!

What's the resolution of the displays?

The Asio 10" comes with 1920*800 screen. And Athene 22" and 33" with 1920*1902 screen, Athene 55" with 3840*2160 screen.

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