Token Utility

VII is a utility token that is meant to be used, giving everyone in the ecosystem the incentives to contribute together. In Viide, one should expect to see content with unique characteristics, smart contract systems, staking services, a diverse set of use cases, and many more. Each of these could become its own business.

Viide Discover

Subscribe fan-only content

Advertisers can consume VII tokens to promote and broadcast content based on users preferences. You can subscribe to exclusive content from taste-makers with VII while they can also consume VII to showcase what they have or what they like to more audience.

Viide Store

Purchase Skin & Style

You can purchase artistically designed skins and styles in the Viide store.

Game Club

Play NFT games

There will be a cluster of interactive NFT games in the Game Club, including original games from Viide and third-party games from co-branding teams. Vii tokens need to be used to play these games.

Viide Bounty

Stake tokens

By staking VII tokens, you can take on bounty missions posted by advertisers. Users can claim the bounty tokens and redeem staked tokens.

DAO Governance & Vote

Stake tokens

VII token holders can stake tokens to participate in governance and vote, deciding on roadmap developments and other relevant decisions.

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