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OddOwl Club

OddOwl Club(OOC) is the community for like-minded NFT frens, backed by Viide - the first decentralized window network. A bunch of 10,000 oddities to lead a tangible web3 lifestyle, building a gate-free and vibing community both on-chain and IRL.
Unlike other projects, OOC is an aggregated club that partners with and connects different communities and projects. OOC members are entitled to all the profit from our B2B operation such as NFT showcasing, exhibition, advertising, business discounts, and co-drops. OOC also serves as a club pass. OOC members can access all the IRL Web3 spaces with VIP privileges and are able to showcase and promote in these spaces. Besides, OOC members will become the OGs of the Viide ecosystem and share in the success of Viide and enjoy long-term Viide token rewards.
A Tangible Web3
OOC is backed by Viide. Viide derives from the Latin word "vide" which means "see". We wish to build a tangible web3.
In Viide, we advocate a web3 lifestyle from on-chain to IRL. Viide has launched NFT display products and Viide App and fully covered all the NFT display scenarios in both public and private spaces. As an on-chain & IRL community, OCC will serve as the core of Viide ecosystem throughout all the Viide products and business scenarios, contribute to the building of the ecosystem, and share its value.
Build The Future With Utility
In Viide, we firmly believe that the destination of web3 is utility and service, not just finance. The innovations empowered by decentralization and related technologies are exciting, but they barely touch any mainstream utility scenarios in real life. The single-minded technology stack has created an ego-fest for web3, but it has also somehow sacrificed practicality and shut out the majority of users.
Therefore, we believe that web3 needs to embrace the mainstream and attract users by meeting their needs instead of working behind closed doors. Therefore, in the next few years, web3 will definitely penetrate into various mainstream utility scenarios. However, the current stock of web3 users has a strong speculative purpose, while users outside the circle who have not yet understood web3 properly will face great risks if they enter web3. In order to solve this problem, we try to build a web3 lifestyle that breaks the barrier between on-chain data and IRL scenarios, providing users with safe and transparent services in a tangible way.
The way to realize this vision is the seamless integration of OOC (on-chain) and Viide frames (IRL). Holders of OOC will not only have proof of the validity of their on-chain rights, but they can also enjoy the VIP rights of IRL spaces in a variety of tangible scenarios, relying on the Viide ecosystem. For example, holders can enjoy the NFT display rights on the Viide Frame located in worldwide web3 spaces, or rent/sell the display rights for benefit. They can enjoy discounts in IRL spaces such as bars, restaurants, and cafes. They can also claim on-chain POAPs by checking in IRL spaces/events to accumulate credits and redeem more valuable privileges.
Back to the on-chain part, OOC has been the builder of an aggregated community from the beginning of mint. We have taken the form of co-mint to give the holders of our partner communities priority to the whitelist. Meanwhile, the commercial profits of Viide ecosystem and the rewards of collab events will be contributed to the OOC prize pool and continuously returned to OOC holders. Driven by the community vibe and collabs, holders of OOC and our partner communities will actively go IRL and participate in the gatherings, NFT exhibitions, and web3 forums, thus fueling the Viide IRL spaces and building a tangible web3 in a sustainable way.
Web3 is happening. Viide will continue to build for the utility of the web3, present more on-chain and IRL life scenarios, expand the web3 population, and focus on creating real value for web3 users.