55" Athene

The 55" Athene is our largest NFT Display, it runs on blockchain encryption to ensure user's data safety; supports real-time blockchain data reading and analysis which allows for display personalization based on address traits.

It supports APP (VIIDE CAST) remote control. The display incorporates a cutting-edge E-ink screen with a high degree of resolution and texture to showcase artwork with a 178°viewing range, reducing blind angles.

Connect your wallet to showcase your NFTs or check out the NFT marketplace to stay up to date with the latest trending NFT projects.

It supports all NFT formats including static, dynamic, video, audio, and generative art.

With our adaptive rotation feature feel free to view your NFTs in portrait or landscape mode.

You may customize your NFT display dashboard with our Real-time Data Dashboard. View real-time crypto market data whenever you want. The bigger screen of the VIIDE ATHENE gives users a better viewing experience.

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