10.1" Asio

VIIDE ASIO is our 10.1″ tabletop NFT display. With touchscreen support, it also works great as a handheld device. In addition to our standard NFT display features, the Viide Asio also provides more impressive functionality, such as:

  1. Viewing NFT trending recommendations; bonus VII token (in test period) that rewards users for liking sharing and saving your favorite NFTs.

  2. Slideshow mode with fullscreen display options that allow users to customize NFT display time.

  3. Discover personalized NFT recommendations based on wallet data and on-chain records, which helps users discover the latest and greatest NFTs on the market.

  4. Showcase your wallet’s NFT list + DIY playlist options that will bring your NFTs IRL.

  5. Reward Center (still under beta test) is a built-in gamification upgrade and leveling system. Check your earnings anytime to see what level you are at.

  6. The Bounty feature allows users to participate in bounty missions for exclusive rewards from Viide and our partners.

  7. Real-time Data Dashboard allows you to personalize your NFT display dashboard. View real-time crypto market info anytime you want.

  8. The Viide ASIO supports all types of NFT formats including static, dynamic, video, audio, and generative art.

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