Earning Metrics

VII will be earned through interactions such as like, save, share and comment and divided into Quota earning and Task earning. Quota will be burned as you stay active on Viide. Daily Tasks are described as particular types/times of interactions.

The precise amount of earnings is determined by the following main factors:

  • Level of CartonOwl: The base earning rate for each Level differs. In general, the higher level of the CartonOwl, the higher the base.

  • CartonOwl’s Quota Attribute: The higher level of the CartonOwl, the higher Quota. Quota determines the daily earning hours. Quota is burned at the rate of 0.2/min and will be refilled 25% every 6 hours.

  • CartonOwl’s Task Attribute: The higher level of your CartonOwl, the more Daily Tasks you will receive.

  • Earning Maximization: In order to acquire maximum earnings, you should make best use of your Quota and Daily Tasks. Meanwhile, leveling up your CartonOwl and getting more Viide devices will substantially boost your earning efficiency.

  • Number of Devices: The quantity of Viide devices will affect earning rate as HEAF(Hardware Earning Acceleration Factor). In general, the more devices connected to one wallet, the higher earning rate. However, in terms of fairness and sustainability, the acceleration has a marginal effect.

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