The CartonOwls

What are the CartonOwls?

The CartonOwls are the utility NFTs for 'Viiders' - Viide users. You may be entered to receive a CartonOwl airdrop for free when you connect your wallet at The CartonOwl NFT gives you access to one of the best Web3 communities. We are continuously making improvements and providing community members with Viide Display airdrops, WL airdrops from new trending partnerships, and access to IRL events.

You can spend AC to level up your CartonOwl to unlock special perks such as more earning Quota and more daily tasks.

You can own more than one CartonOwls in your wallet. Your device will automatically match the CartonOwl with the highest level in your wallet. If you purchased a higher-level CartonOwl from someone else, it won't replace your current CartonOwl until the next day.

More than an NFT

CartonOwls are more than just NFT. They're a collection of tokens that feature 30 tiers of levels. Each level of CartonOwl unlocks additional benefits as you level it up. We call it unboxing.

A collection for utility & community

Every CartonOwl is your pass to the privileged Viide level – where you’ll have more earning Quota and admittance to gated discord channels. Once inside, you will have exclusive access to related drops, community meetups, and upcoming projects.

Unboxing your own CartonOwl

As the amount of AC spent for unboxing and time accumulate, you’ll see your CartonOwl achieve new levels and have the ability to upgrade its appearance. The unboxed (level 30) CartonOwl enables exclusive drops and rewards.

Viide Metaverse

Viide is a decentralized window to Web3. The Viide metaverse is a promising land for community and connection. The metaverse will be a spectacular getaway from the stale and troubled Web2 world. As an unboxed CartonOwls holder, you'll be the first to access ours. The CartonOwls mint is where it all starts.

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